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Training & EducationScreen4 offers a full range of Training and Education Services provided by our in house training team. These include:

  • Half day and Full day courses
  • Drugs and Alcohol awareness
  • Drugs and Alcohol Recognition
  • Collection Procedure training for testing your own staff
  • E- Learning packages
  • Bespoke brochures and leaflets

We aim to provide the highest levels of service across the board, for the benefit of both our customers and the donor. Our training department in partnership with our customers design and implement in depth training relevant to each organisation. The training is designed to optimise the use of the chosen test method and increase the understanding of the process. Our training programmes are fully documented, regularly reviewed and include an assessment of the effectiveness of the training.

Screen4 Drug awareness & Recognition Training

Our trainer Robbie Burns is a US trained Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) one of only six UK national Police accredited (ACPO) trainers and an expert in the field of drug/alcohol recognition & awareness training. He is now working exclusively for Screen4. 

No other organisation can offer this unique, engaging, informative and enjoyable training experience. In 2010 – 2012 Robbie with a colleague introduced “Drug recognition & awareness techniques” to Hong Kong Police to complement their recent change in legislation and trained over 50 Police instructors to disseminate the training to combat the problem of drug driving on the roads of Hong Kong. 

Since that time he has worked for Screen4 extensively with Airlines in the Middle East to produce this educational programme to clinicians, HR departments, managers and supervisors as a gold standard in airline safety and we are looking to build on this platform throughout the aviation industry worldwide as this training is a relatively new and exciting concept. 

There is an opportunity to work with Screen4 to introduce and promote and educate / introduce a policy of ‘awareness of impairment’ with Cathay Pacific.     

To simplify the training as this is a broad and complex issue, it is broken down into four sections; 

Stage 1: Policy 

This covers your company policy and the roles and responsibilities of line managers. Our trainer re-enforces the requirements from the CAA, the reasons why there is a need for the policy and the reasons why the policy must be fully adhered to. For example; Safety of the individual, fellow staff and clients. Company reputation, brand loyalty, safety above personal loyalties, responsibilities, efficiency and accident and damage reduction both airside and operational flying. 

Stage 2: Impairment 

This covers a person’s ability to perform their tasks or role. For example how their multi-tasking capability is vastly reduced under the influence of drugs/alcohol. How the body performs in normal circumstances and when under the influence of D & A and the vast behaviour change that brings. How small issue’s, risks or decisions are ignored which can lead to tragic ramifications for them, others and the company. In this group we also cover a simple explanation to addiction and how regular prescribed or over the counter medicine as well as hard core substances can result in dependency.   

Stage 3: Drug and alcohol recognition skills 

This section is very in depth but the most popular part of the syllabus, it empowers the learner with a basic but sufficient knowledge to recognise the signs and symptoms of different drugs categories and their effects including prescription medicine and new psychoactive substances (i.e. Ketamine, MDMA and other variants) as well as the more established substances. We explore the myths and misconceptions of different substances and concentrate fully on understanding how even low levels of alcohol affect performance. We also cover staff safety in downtime, i.e. Over the counter medicines, relatives offering sleep remedies, predatory offenders targeting staff whilst socialising and passive/environmental/accidental exposure?    

Stage 4: Conclusion 

We check the learners understanding of all matters in the syllabus, discuss how they can use their new drug & alcohol recognition skills in the work place and discuss historic incidents at other locations which has led to safety being compromised to negate and avoid such incidents in the future. A certificate will be issued on completion of the course.

Screen4 E-Learning

Businesses with a high volume of staff or remote workers may not have the ability to get everyone together in a room for ‘face to face’ training.  With this in mind Screen4 provides bespoke e-learning packages which can be accessed remotely and provide high quality content relevant to the industry your organisation works within.

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